Benefits of Membership

The following are only a few of the many benefits of membership in the Registro de Intérpretes para Sordos de Puerto Rico:

  • Participate in workshops and conferences
  • Develop professional networks
  • Share ideas and best practices with colleagues
  • Develop leadership skills.  Join committees and member sections and help plan activities supporting your professional development
  • Stay informed of what is happening in the field of interpretation and the Deaf community
  • Advertise yourself.  Put your contact information in our online directory which can be accessed by hearing and deaf consumers who needs your services
  • Stay informed about workshops and conferences offered here in Puerto Rico and in other places.
  • Receive voting privileges (Certified and Associate members)
  • Receive discounts on workshops, conferences, and other RISPRI sponsored activities

Membership Categories

  • Certified  $25
  • Associate $20
  • Student $15
  • Organizational $60
  • Supporting $15

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